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Learn German in Zurich – German courses A1 to C2 – Sprachschule Aktiv

Learn German in Zurich in private, evening, online and intensive courses

Learn German in Zurich in private, evening, online or intensive courses. German courses for beginners and advanced students with a free trial lesson and grading!
Do you want to learn German? We, from Sprachschule Aktiv, are the specialist for German courses in Zurich for the learning levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. Learn German in small groups, cheaply & centrally.
Do you want to learn German or improve your language skills? Welcome to Sprachschule Aktiv Zurich, the perfect place to achieve these goals. Regardless of your current language level, from beginner to advanced, we offer a variety of courses to suit your needs.


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Language school in Zurich

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Learn German in Zurich

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German courses in Zurich: From beginner to advanced (A1-C2) at your Sprachschule Aktiv


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Do you want to learn German in Zurich? Discover our wide range of German courses. Our renowned language school in Zurich offers individually tailored courses for all levels from A1 to C2. Whether beginner or advanced – you will find the perfect German course that meets your needs

German course in Zurich with free trial lesson and grading

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to discover a new language before they fully commit to it. Therefore, we offer every new student a free trial lesson.

In addition, we carry out a careful and free grading of your current German skills to ensure that you find the course that best suits you.

Learn German in small groups – Sprachschule Aktiv Zurich

In our Sprachschule Aktiv in Zurich, the courses consist of a maximum of 8 participants. In our German courses, we attach great importance to promoting learning in small groups. We believe that this approach not only allows for effective learning, but also strengthens self-confidence and offers the opportunity to learn from other course participants.**

Learn German with native speakers: Our highly qualified teachers

All our teachers are experienced and qualified native speakers who are passionate about helping you reach your language goals. They not only bring their expertise to the courses, but also their culture and their passion for the German language.

Which German language course is right for me?

In order to be able to meet the different needs of our customers, we have designed different course models such as intensive courses with 20 lessons per week, private lessons or group courses in the evening. All German courses are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This results in a division for beginners and advanced students from A1, A2, B1, B2 to C1 to C2.

German courses in Zurich - A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

German intensive courses in Zurich: Effective and fast learning

Our German intensive courses in Zurich are designed to help you achieve your language goals in a short time. With a concentrated and comprehensive teaching approach, our intensive courses allow students to make rapid progress and effectively improve their German skills.

German in the evening: Learning in a relaxed environment

With our German evening courses in Zurich, we offer you the opportunity to learn in a relaxed and friendly environment after a long working day. Our evening courses are ideal for working people and people who are busy during the day, but still want to improve their language skills.

Individual German private courses in Zurich: Your personal learning plan

Our German private courses in Zurich are tailored to your pace and your personal goals. You will be supported by our qualified teachers who will help you achieve your individual learning goals and place particular emphasis on the areas you want to improve.

Our German course offers in Zurich: Perfect for all levels

Whether you are just starting to learn German or already have advanced German skills, we have courses that suit every level. From A1 to C2, our German courses are designed to pick you up where you are and help you reach your next language level.

Language visa for German learners in Switzerland – Learn German in Zurich

Have you decided to take a German course with us in Switzerland and need a visa? We will be happy to help you apply for a student visa for your stay in Switzerland. As soon as you have registered with us at the German language school in Zurich, we will issue you a certificate. We also support and advise you on all other matters.

Learn German in the best location: Our language school in Zurich

Our German language school is located at Wehntalerstrasse 293 in 8046 Zurich, Switzerland. The classrooms are easily accessible by car or public transport.

Our language school is located in the heart of Zurich, surrounded by impressive Swiss architecture and culture. This gives you the opportunity to combine learning German with experiencing the rich cultural experiences that Zurich has to offer.

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Why learn German in Zurich? An overview of your benefits

Zurich is not only the beating heart of Switzerland, but also a city with an exceptional educational landscape. From our qualified native speakers to the opportunity to learn in small groups, Zurich offers a number of advantages for learning German.

Leisure program for our participants

If you have booked a German course at our language school in Zurich, we cordially invite you to an interesting leisure program. Learn about the culture and the locals at events and excursions and meet other language learners from all over the world! At these events, you will learn about the history and other peculiarities of Switzerland on the one hand, and you can also practice and improve your German skills here.

Summary – Learn German in Zurich

In conclusion, learning German in Zurich not only allows you to improve your language skills, but also to gain a deep understanding of the culture and traditions of the German-speaking world. Take the opportunity to learn German in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and experience an unforgettable time at the same time


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